World's First Rollable LED Display


This brand new product, which belongs to INFINIA at every stage from its design to production, broke new ground not only in the country but also abroad.

Scrollup is a state-of-the-art product that can be easily transported and set up quickly and can instantly play videos and images. While Scrollup enables you to present all your visual communication with LED screen technology in a stylish and remarkable way; It also brings practical mobility. While saving time in every area you need, you can integrate your statement with prestige. Scrollup, which has a wide usage area; it will accompany you in a smart and practical way wherever you want to tell yourself. It can be easily used in all areas you need, in campaign and product promotions, customer welcome and presentations, fairs and events, orientation and announcements.

It is now much easier to express yourself with Scrollup...

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Easy Set Up

Quickly set up in less than a minute and play your video easily.


Stay one step ahead of your competitors by adapting to digital transformation.

Get Attention

Make dynamic, modern, stylish and engaging promotions anywhere.


Save time and workload by eliminating paper usage.

Make Difference

Impress your target audience with its effective presentation, thin and stylish design.