Our Story

Berker Yaşar and Tugay Güzel, who have continued their friendship, which started in primary school, by supporting each other over the years, laid the foundations of today's days, especially during their high school and university years.

Güzel and Yaşar, born in 1989; They started developing projects together while they were at Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi. The duo, who discovered that the harmony between them was in fact by managing their incompatibility correctly, also had common university preferences. The partners, who successfully graduated from the Middle East Technical University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, parted ways with different career choices.

While Berker Yaşar settled in the UK to complete his graduate education and work on energy projects; Tugay Güzel joined the ammunition team with featured projects at Aselsan.

Yaşar and Güzel's most important capital was their passion for learning and success. Two friends reunited in 2016 for the company they dreamed of in their childhood; in fact, even at that time, they made a different start by doing what was not expected of them.

Berker Yaşar, who can continue his story from thereby staying in the UK; was the first example for INFINIA Engineering of the "reverse brain drain policy" that they are now successfully pursuing. Tugay Güzel, who voluntarily said goodbye to Aselsan, the locomotive of technological development in our country, became an important example for entrepreneurial youth.


The Hard Road to Victory

The story of INFINIA Engineering, which was officially established in 2012 but has been active since 2016, is like an important book that should be read for those who do not dare to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. The main idea of ​​the book can be summarized as "There is no ‘I don't know’, there is ‘I will learn’.".

This learning process can be divided into two different branches. The first way is classical learning. Whatever business they put their mind to, the partners never give up on finding the best in this subject by mobilizing all their means and meeting them. Today, the most critical training in bringing INFINIA Engineering to these points is the experience and learning processes they have gained in Silicon Valley.

Young entrepreneurs with production, software, and marketing experiments in many fields from online cake design to bluetooth headset production; have learned not to be afraid of losing from all these trials. Seeing that real success comes from unsuccessful beginnings, the duo knows that they owe where they are today to this. The most important advice they can give to the young people who will set out is the motto "Don't be afraid to fail, but don't lose your passion for success". This motto is the summary of the second learning path.

INFINIA Engineering, which is not afraid of crises; At the point where they are now, they do not hesitate to give their experiences to young people and entrepreneurs as open source. Contrary to its peers, which went into financial trouble especially after the domestic crises, INFINIA emerged stronger from this process; They also know that not sharing the experience of hard times lies in the development of our country.