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Who Are We?

INFINIA, which started its operations in 2012, has preferred to specialize in electronic hardware and software as its main field of activity since its establishment. While we are walking side by side with the important public institutions and industrial organizations of our country in this field in which we specialize, we also work on specific R&D projects simultaneously.

While we successfully undertake the mass production of many R&D projects that we realize with our own resources, we can offer different solutions on both project and product basis, especially with the patented flexible LED display technologies we have developed; thus, we are able to serve different sectors with the designs we have developed.

We specialize in interactive display with the technologies we have developed for domestic and international projects and share our experiences. Starting from the concept design, concluding the process with health; While delivering a functioning system to our customers, we turn dreams into reality.

We continue to shape the future at our company INFINIA, where change and development is the corporate rule.

Who Are We?
Who Are We?
  • Our Vision
  • To be a pioneering mind that contributes to its country as an international company that leads the technology and the development of the world, not only in the country, but also all over the world, as a research and development priority company.
  • Our Mission
  • Keeping the social benefit in the foreground; To protect and develop being the best in its field by presenting our innovative products and solutions to the taste and experience of every age group.