Explore the story of INFINIA, a narrative of innovation, friendship, and purpose.

Discover the core of our identity through our distinct facets: delve into our overarching mission with a glimpse into our collective ethos and explore the dynamic individuals shaping our journey at the team's core.

Who We Are

In the year 2012, the inception of INFINIA marked the commencement of a narrative reminiscent of a captivating book—one that beckons those with a penchant for venturing into the unknown. It's a story that captures the essence of innovation, the strength of friendship, and an unwavering commitment to purpose. It's a story meant to inspire those who seek solace and inspiration in the face of uncertainty; its resounding theme can be encapsulated in just three words: "I don't know, I learn."

At the active meeting point of technology and design, INFINIA is a leading provider of modern innovations, powered by our unique pioneering advancements. Our dedication to being excellent is evident in how we easily understand what customers need and provide complete solutions. What makes INFINIA special and puts us ahead in this wide field is our remarkable team, including experts in areas like engineering, design, art, and management.

The very bedrock of INFINIA's genesis rests upon its founders, who forged the bonds of their friendship during their elementary school years. Through twists and turns, their friendship matured over time, gaining strength during their high school and university years. What makes their journey remarkable is the realization that the synergy between co-founders thrives not despite their differences, but because of them. Their shared ardor for learning and relentless pursuit of achievement solidified their partnership. As fate would have it, these two individuals reunited in 2012, fueled by the dreams they had nurtured since their early days. In a move that defied conventions, they embarked on a path that set an example for aspiring young entrepreneurs—a path defined by audacity and tenacity.


We act in three business lines: experience design, technology/product development and sector specific products.

Experience Division

We bring digital and physical spaces together in order to maximize users/customers’ engagement. We design and develop custom exhibition products to create audiovisual and immersive experiences in wide range of industry sectors including but not limited to education, marketing, construction, entertainment and tourism.

Technology Production

We design, develop and manufacture cutting edge technologies from IoT devices to satellite systems to solve customers’ most challenging operational problems. With the help of our subsidiaries and investments we work as a one-stop-shop technology solution provider to our customers.

Products & Development

With the help of our 200+ expert engineering team, mostly coming from defense and space sectors, we provide off the shelf products in marine, hospitality, advertisement and IoT sectors.

"Embrace the possibility of failure, but never give up on your passion for greatness."

From stepping into the world of online cake design to diving headfirst into the intricacies of bluetooth headset manufacturing, these forward-thinking entrepreneurs have fearlessly embraced experimentation in a multitude of areas, from manufacturing to software to marketing. Their mantra did not change: real success often comes from flawed beginnings. It is to this deep understanding that INFINIA's present reputation owes its existence. And so they give the second path, a gem of wisdom, to developing minds ready to begin their own quest: "Embrace the possibility of failure, but never give up on your passion for greatness."

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