INFINIA operates in multiple sectors, thus their valuable customers can get innovative solutions in different divisions.

Examples for that may be interactive exhibitions and electromechanic exhibitions. For real-time design experiences, immersive rooms, digital art installations, simulators, and travelling exhibits are also strong sides of INFINIA to provide a perfect user satisfaction.

INFINIA's Comprehensive Approach to Multi-Sector Interactive Experience Design

To live in a sustainable word, we create technological solutions with products, services and experiences. We provide technological solutions to decrease customers' operational costs while sustaining the earth resources. We act in three business lines: experience design, technology/product development and sector specific products.

Interactive Exhibitions

INFINIA's interactive exhibitions are at the core of our multisectoral solutions, offering engaging and educational experiences. Interactive Exhibitions at INFINIA serve as multifaceted educational platforms. By integrating advanced interactive tools , these exhibits offer a deep, layered exploration into historical, cultural, and artistic themes. LED displays offer real-time energy statistics, while touchscreen interfaces aid in navigating complex graphs and designs. These exhibitions serve as versatile engagement strategies for diverse sectors.

Immersive Rooms

INFINIA's Immersive Rooms offer high-definition, sensory-rich environments using techniques like video mapping. These rooms enable experiences like transporting tourists to different continents, providing lifelike property walkthroughs in Real Estate, enhancing fan engagement in the Sports sector with life-sized video walls, and using AR in the Entertainment sector to bring characters to life. Mixed Reality (MR) also combines virtual and physical elements for interactive experiences, such as engaging with a virtual solar system in a space exhibit.

Electro-mechanical Exhibitions

Electromechanical exhibitions provide hands-on engagement for visitors to interact with the mechanics of different sectors. In Transportation, mini rail systems or airport logistics models can be controlled via touchscreens. In Manufacturing, object recognition tech highlights production line parts with data. The Energy sector benefits from LED indicators and controls simulating grid balancing, offering an interactive experience.

Digital Art Installations

Digital art installations merge artistic storytelling with modern technology, offering a deeply emotional and visually captivating experience. For example, the Food & Beverage sector could create a gastronomic journey where AR goggles let visitors "taste" exotic cuisines through sensory cues. In the Entertainment sector, video mapping can project interactive narratives on a dome ceiling, inviting visitors to participate in the story.


Simulators in various sectors provide technologically advanced and realistic experiences. Healthcare can replicate surgeries in VR, Defence & Aerospace can use VR for flight and space simulations, Sports can employ AR for biomechanical analysis, and Automotive simulators offer hands-on ADAS experiences.

Travelling Exhibits

INFINIA's Traveling Exhibits prioritize quality while maintaining portability, using lightweight video walls and mobile touchscreens. These exhibits can reach remote educational institutions, offering science labs and sustainability education to students. From economics to engineering, the potential for educational outreach is extensive.

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