Witness the convergence of art and technology in our digital art installations.

These exhibits showcase the intersection of creativity and cutting-edge digital mediums. Our digital art installations are designed to engage visitors through visual and auditory cues, offering a sensory experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Digital Art Installations

Digital art installations merge artistic storytelling with modern technology, offering a deeply emotional and visually captivating experience. For example, the Food & Beverage sector could create a gastronomic journey where AR goggles let visitors "taste" exotic cuisines through sensory cues. In the Entertainment sector, video mapping can project interactive narratives on a dome ceiling, inviting visitors to participate in the story. For the Technology sector, MR can be employed to immerse visitors in futuristic environments, simulating the world 50 years from now based on current tech trends. Sectors like Defence & Aerospace can also harness this medium to create poignant narratives about sacrifice, duty, and patriotism through visual and auditory cues.

Seasonal Storytelling

  • Tools Used: AR, MR
  • Extended Description: An interactive display that changes with the seasons, narrating stories related to the brand's seasonal collections.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Keeps the retail space fresh and engaging, encouraging repeat visits.

Digital Graffiti Walls

  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Touchscreens
  • Extended Description: Public walls are transformed into digital canvases where people can create their own art through touchscreens, adding to or modifying existing works.
  • Relation to Science Centers: It provides an interactive communal art experience, fostering community engagement and artistic expression.

Dynamic Sculpture Garden

  • Tool: Video Walls
  • Extended Description: Sculptures are enhanced with digital projections that change based on visitor interaction.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Turns static art into an interactive experience, adding dimensions of play and discovery.

Cultural Compass

  • Tool: Touchscreens, Video Walls
  • Extended Description: A wall-sized touchscreen allows employees to explore various aspects of company culture, watch interviews with company leaders, and submit their own ideas.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Strengthens corporate culture and identity, encouraging employee engagement and investment in the company’s vision.