Experience the fusion of mechanics and technology in our electromechanic exhibitions.

Explore the dynamic interplay between engineering and innovation. Our electromechanical exhibits are designed to engage visitors through tactile interaction, offering a hands-on experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Electromechanic Exhibitions

Electromechanical exhibitions serve as a tactile engagement platform, letting visitors touch, manipulate, and understand the mechanics of various sectors. The Transportation sector can employ this to display miniature rail systems or airport logistics models where the flow of transportation can be controlled through a touchscreen. Within Manufacturing, electromechanical setups could use object recognition technology to highlight parts of a production line, offering data and videos on each section when a visitor points at it. Energy-sector exhibits can benefit from LED indicators and physical controls to simulate grid balancing acts, even allowing visitors to attempt stabilizing a city's power needs during peak hours.

Interactive Dance Floors

  • Tools Used: LED, Pressure Sensors
  • Extended Description: Dance floors equipped with pressure sensors and LED lights respond to dancers' movements, changing color or triggering visual effects in sync with the music and dance moves.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Clubs and dance events become more than passive experiences, as each dancer becomes a co-creator of the event’s visual and sensory landscape.

Astronaut Experience Room

  • Tools Used: LED, mechanical elements
  • Extended Description: A mechanical model demonstrating the water cycle, using LEDs to signify different stages—evaporation, condensation, precipitation.
  • Relation to Science Centers: This exhibit aims to educate visitors about a crucial natural process in an engaging way.

Energy Playground

  • Tool: Object Recognition Technology
  • Extended Description: Play structures that teach children about renewable energy through mechanical interaction.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Encourages physical activity and educates on sustainability.

Interactive Conveyor Belt

  • Tool: Automation
  • Extended Description: A conveyor belt displaying featured products, which can be interacted with through touchscreens.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Enhances the shopping experience by making product discovery more interactive.