Immerse yourself in environments designed to stimulate the senses and transport you to captivating realms.

Our immersive rooms offer unparalleled experiences that push the boundaries of reality. From virtual planetariums to submarine warfare rooms, we create spaces that are as engaging as they are educational.


Immersive Rooms go a step further by engulfing visitors in a high-definition, sensory-rich environment. Through video mapping, the Tourism sector can transport visitors to different continents within seconds, making them feel as though they are standing in the heart of a bustling market or atop a serene mountain. In Real Estate, high-resolution LED displays offer lifelike walkthroughs of future property developments, down to minute details like light fixtures and upholstery. The Sports sector can offer a fan experience that rivals being in the stadium through life-sized video walls that capture every moment in breathtaking detail. Similarly, an Entertainment sector exhibit could use AR to make characters from a film or series come alive, walking and talking with visitors. MR could blend virtual and physical elements, enabling visitors to, for example, interact with a virtual solar system in a space exhibit, grabbing planets and viewing statistics.

Virtual Planetarium

  • Tools Used: Video Mapping, Surround Sound
  • Extended Description: A room where visitors can explore the universe, from constellations to deep space phenomena.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Expands on traditional planetarium offerings with a more interactive experience.

Astronaut Experience Room

  • Tools Used: Virtual Reality, Haptic Feedback
  • Extended Description: A room where users can experience the sensations of being an astronaut through VR and haptic suits.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Provides an authentic-feeling experience of what it's like to be an astronaut, inspiring future generations.

Submarine Warfare Room

  • Tools Used: MR, Sound Effects
  • Extended Description: Experience underwater warfare strategies and challenges in a multi-dimensional setting, from sonar detection to missile launches.
  • Relation to Science Centers: Showcases naval technological advancements and underwater defense strategies.

360-degree Newsrooms

  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Object Recognition Technology
  • Extended Description: Imagine a newsroom where stories are not just watched but experienced. Panoramic video walls display news events from multiple angles, while object recognition tools allow users to delve deeper into each story by interacting with elements within the room.
  • Relation to Science Centers: This elevates news consumption from a passive activity to an interactive deep dive, creating a more engaged, informed public.

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