Step into the world of interactive experiences where visitors become active participants.

Our interactive exhibitions blend technology and engagement to create memorable and immersive encounters. From touchscreens to object recognition, these experiences are designed to be accessible and intuitive, providing a seamless experience for all users.


Interactive exhibitions are the cornerstone of INFINIA's multisectoral offerings, providing audiences an in-depth, explorative experience that is both educational and engaging. Using object recognition technology, a retail exhibit could scan products and display comprehensive details, from manufacturing data to suggested pairings. Kinect technology, meanwhile, could make healthcare exhibits interactive by translating visitors' movements into surgical simulations, thereby providing a sense of the precision required in medical procedures. These exhibitions also adapt well to the Energy sector by using LED displays to provide real-time statistics on energy consumption and sustainability. Whether it's the Automotive sector requiring an interactive overview of engine design or the Education sector needing a kinesthetic learning experience, interactive exhibitions serve as a modular yet cohesive engagement strategy.


  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Object Recognition Technology
  • Extended Description: Imagine walking past a movie poster that springs to life as you approach. Through touchscreens and object recognition, these posters sense a viewer’s presence and instantly display dynamic content like movie trailers, cast interviews, and real-time social media reactions.
  • Relation to Entertainment and Media: This innovation piques the curiosity of movie-goers and deepens the pre-movie experience, transforming static posters into conversational pieces that extend the narrative outside the theater.


  • Tool: LED screens and object recognition
  • Description: High-definition LED screens display famous artworks. Through object recognition, visitors can point to areas of the painting to reveal hidden details, artist's techniques, or symbolic meanings.
  • Relation to Museum and Cultural Institutions: This interactive experience deepens the understanding of art and encourages analytical thinking.


  • Tool: Touchscreens
  • Description: Touchscreens near animal enclosures offer games and informative content on each species.
  • Relation to Theme Park and Entertainment Venues: Enhances the learning experience and keeps visitors engaged.


  • Tool: Touchscreens, Video Walls
  • Description: Students solve mathematical puzzles that are projected on walls, unlocking more advanced challenges as they progress.
  • Relation to Education and Training: Makes learning math an engaging experience.