Engage in simulations that offer realistic experiences and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our simulators provide an interactive way to explore complex scenarios. They can be used to train employees, educate students, or entertain visitors. Simulators are a great way to immerse users in a virtual environment, allowing them to experience a situation without the risks associated with real-life scenarios.


Simulators offer perhaps the most technologically advanced and realistic experiences among INFINIA's divisions. Using VR, the Healthcare sector can replicate a complex surgery for medical students or interested parties, showing the steps, tools, and precision required. The Defence & Aerospace sector can also employ VR to create hyper-realistic flight simulators or even space mission previews. The Sports sector, meanwhile, could use AR and biomechanical analytics to help athletes and fans understand the physical dynamics behind a perfect swing or kick. In the realm of Automotive, simulators can put the visitors in the driver’s seat, offering a firsthand experience of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) in action.

Interactive Film Simulators

  • Tools Used: Virtual Reality, Motion Seats
  • Extended Description: Imagine experiencing a film where you can feel the movement, wind, or even smell. Motion seats and environmental effects are synchronized with the film to deliver a multi-sensory experience.
  • Relation to Entertainment and Media: The film industry is given a new dimension, offering audiences a "4D" experience that goes beyond just watching.

Virtual Cooking Masterclass

  • Tools Used: AR, Touchscreens
  • Extended Description: An interactive cooking simulator where attendees, guided by augmented reality and touchscreens, can virtually prepare dishes, honing their culinary skills.
  • Relation to Events and Conferences: Perfect for food-themed events, this interactive setup educates attendees while providing a fun and engaging activity.

Dynamic Sculpture Garden

  • Physical Therapy Simulator: Using VR and AR, patients can perform guided physical therapy exercises in a controlled virtual environment, enhancing their healing journey.

Cultural Compass

  • Tool: VR, Electromechanical Components
  • Extended Description: Fans can experience the thrill of skiing down virtual slopes that mimic famous locations.
  • Relation to Sports: Fans can experience the thrill of skiing down virtual slopes that mimic famous locations.

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