Enhancing event narratives through digital art installations that create immersive environments and visually stunning experiences.

digital art installations in events and conferences

Digital Art Installations by INFINIA serve as compelling backdrops that are not only visually striking but are also interactive, responsive, and thematically aligned with the event's objectives.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "For Events and Conferences aiming to create a visual spectacle, INFINIA's digital art installations offer a memorable focal point, encouraging social sharing and wider media coverage."

Interactive Light Show

  • Tools Used: LEDs, Video Mapping
  • Description: This installation uses LEDs and video mapping to create an ambient light show that reacts to music, sounds in the environment, or interactions from attendees.
  • Impact: It adds a mesmerizing, almost hypnotic layer to the event's ambiance, which could be attuned to set the mood or to heighten the impact of key moments.

Augmented Reality Mural

Real-Time Data Art

  • Tool Used: AR
  • Description: A wall-sized mural that comes to life when viewed through an augmented reality app on smartphones. The digital overlay could add depth, animation, and interactivity to the artwork.
  • Impact: It brings a wow factor to traditional art, enticing attendees to engage more deeply with the mural’s thematic material.
  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Touchscreens
  • Description: Large video walls display art that is generated in real-time based on data streams related to the event—like social media mentions, attendee numbers, or other relevant metrics. Touchscreens allow attendees to manipulate variables and see the art change.
  • Impact: This creates a living piece of art that's continually updated, serving both as a visual spectacle and a conversation starter.

Virtual Sculpture Gallery

  • Tool Used: VR, AR
  • Description: Attendees can don VR headsets or use AR on their smartphones to explore a digital gallery of sculptures related to the event's theme.
  • Impact: It brings an added layer of cultural or intellectual enrichment to the event, serving as both an educational resource and an engaging activity.

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