Integrating captivating displays into event settings, offering a unique blend of technology and engagement to enhance attendee experiences.

Electromechanic Exhibitions in events and conferences

INFINIA brings mechanical ingenuity and digital interactivity into a seamless experience with our Electromechanical Exhibitions. These installations add a dynamic, tactile dimension to events, offering a captivating blend of physical and digital interaction.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "To fulfill the Events and Conferences' need for practical demonstrations, INFINIA's electromechanic exhibitions bring your products or concepts to life, facilitating real-time interactions and feedback."

Magnetic Wall Puzzle

  • Tools Used: Object Recognition Technology
  • Description: A large magnetic wall contains puzzle pieces that attendees can arrange. Each correctly placed piece triggers object recognition technology that displays related multimedia content or perhaps unlocks a part of an ongoing narrative.
  • Impact: This interactive exhibit brings both intellectual and sensory engagement, encouraging attendees to solve puzzles to gain information or to simply be part of an unfolding story.

Interactive Robotic Hosts

Automated Product Conveyor

  • Tool Used: Touchscreens, LEDs
  • Description: Using robotic figures equipped with touchscreens and LED facial expressions, these hosts greet attendees, provide event information, and even guide them to specific areas.
  • Impact: The futuristic appeal captivates attendees and also functions as an efficient way to disseminate information, making technology both entertaining and utilitarian.
  • Tools Used: LEDs, Touchscreens
  • Description: A conveyor belt system circulates products around the exhibit. The conveyor's sections are lined with LEDs that highlight products and touchscreens where attendees can customize or explore the products in more detail.
  • Impact: This not only serves as an engaging way to display products but also enables attendees to interact with them in real-time, offering a unique and hands-on product experience.

Kinetic Sculpture Garden

  • Tool Used: Object Recognition Technology, LEDs
  • Description: A space filled with moving sculptures that attendees can influence via gestures or mobile interfaces. Object recognition technology identifies the interactions and alters the sculpture’s movements or lighting accordingly.
  • Impact: This installation transforms attendees from passive observers into active participants, allowing them to alter the art and hence the ambiance of the event dynamically.

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