Transforming conference venues with immersive rooms that offer attendees an experiential journey, fostering engagement and memorable encounters.

IMMERSIVE ROOMS IN events and conferences

INFINIA specializes in creating spaces that are not just enclosures but immersive worlds. Utilizing technology and narrative storytelling, we can make any event space a launching pad for unforgettable journeys.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "When the goal is to make your event unforgettable, INFINIA's immersive rooms offer Events and Conferences a captivating space for breakout sessions or keynote presentations, increasing attendance and buzz."

Virtual Reality Theatre

  • Tools Used: VR, LED Screens
  • A designated space where attendees can don VR headsets and be transported into a 360-degree virtual environment. While inside this space, they can virtually tour a product facility, walk through a historical event, or engage in a narrative-driven adventure.
  • Impact: This creates an intensely personal yet shareable experience, ensuring that the subject matter is understood and remembered long after the event.

Sensory Storytelling Chamber

Holographic Product Demos

  • Tool Used: AR, LED, Video Mapping
  • Description: This room combines Augmented Reality (AR) visuals, ambient LED lighting, and video mapping to tell an emotive and educational story. For example, while discussing climate change, the room could simulate different weather conditions while displaying relevant data on the walls.
  • Impact: The room doesn't just hold the attendee's attention—it captivates their senses, making the imparted knowledge more impactful.
  • Tools Used: AR, MR
  • Description: Within these special rooms, Mixed Reality technology is used to project holograms of products, complete with live demos and interactive features. Users can manipulate these holograms, explore features, and even simulate the product's usage in a real-world scenario.
  • Impact: This approach adds an element of futurism and interactive depth to the simple act of showcasing a product, making it memorable and engaging.

Mood Rooms

  • Tool Used: LED Lighting, Soundscaping
  • Description: The room uses intelligent LED lighting and adaptive soundscaping to respond to the mood and interactions of attendees. For instance, as a discussion progresses, the room could change its lighting to reflect the overall sentiment—blue for a calming effect or red for more energetic moods.
  • Impact: The responsive environment not only amplifies the mood but also becomes a conversation piece, encouraging more interaction and dialogue among attendees.

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