Elevating event spaces with interactive exhibits that captivate attendees, encouraging active participation and engagement.

INTERACTIVE EXHIBITIONS IN events and conferences

Interactive exhibitions are more than just visual showcases; they're information hubs designed to amplify user interaction and engagement. Through state-of-the-art technology, INFINIA can transform any gathering into a fully interactive experience.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "For Events and Conferences looking to enhance attendee engagement, INFINIA's interactive exhibitions offer a sophisticated, yet accessible, platform for networking and content sharing, improving participant satisfaction and ROI."

Real-Time Polling Stations

  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, LED displays
  • Strategically placed throughout the venue, these stations feature interactive touchscreens where attendees can participate in real-time polls about ongoing talks, showcased technologies, or future trends. The results are immediately tabulated and displayed on LED boards.
  • Impact: The immediacy of feedback engages attendees and creates a sense of communal participation. It also provides valuable insights for presenters and organizers.

Social Media Wall

Product Explorer Zone

  • Tool Used: Video Walls, Touchscreens
  • Description: Imagine a massive video wall that not only displays real-time tweets, Instagram posts, and other social media interactions related to the event, but also allows attendees to directly engage via accompanying touchscreens. These screens allow visitors to like, share, and comment, thus becoming a part of the ongoing social conversation.
  • Impact: It centralizes and amplifies the social dialogue, while the interactivity draws attendees, keeping them engaged and invested in the event's online presence.
  • Tools Used: Kinect Technology, Object Recognition Technology
  • Description: An intricately designed area where attendees can walk through a 3D visual landscape projected around them. As they reach out to touch or interact with virtual products or info-points, Kinect sensors detect this and trigger object recognition technology. This offers layered, multi-media information about the product they're interested in.
  • Impact: This approach significantly boosts product interaction and fosters deeper brand engagement, allowing visitors to "touch" and "feel" the offerings in a uniquely digital way.

Interactive Floor Mapping

  • Tool Used: Video Mapping, Touchscreens
  • Description: The floor itself becomes a dynamic interactive interface, with video mapping technology projecting different "paths" or "zones" related to themes of the event. Touchscreens along the sides allow attendees to alter or interact with the floor content, perhaps guiding them to booths or lectures they're interested in.
  • Impact: This changes the very way attendees navigate the event space, making it a dynamic, adaptable, and utterly engaging environment.

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