Providing engaging simulations at events and conferences, offering attendees hands-on and experiential learning opportunities.

simulators in events and conferences

Simulators by INFINIA create a hyper-realistic experience within a controlled environment, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in a simulated world or situation. These high-fidelity experiences can be thematically tied to the event's agenda or simply serve as an unparalleled engagement tool.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "To provide hands-on experiences at Events and Conferences, INFINIA's simulators can replicate anything from a cockpit to a virtual tradeshow environment, providing a novel and educational attendee experience."

Virtual Cooking Masterclass

  • Tools Used: AR, Touchscreens
  • Description: An interactive cooking simulator where attendees, guided by augmented reality and touchscreens, can virtually prepare dishes, honing their culinary skills.
  • Impact: Perfect for food-themed events, this interactive setup educates attendees while providing a fun and engaging activity.

Flight Simulator Booth

Virtual Reality City Tours

  • Tool Used: VR, Video Walls
  • Description: A dedicated booth with state-of-the-art VR equipment offers attendees the experience of piloting a plane. Video walls outside the booth stream the live experiences of the participants for others to watch.
  • Impact: Apart from being an adrenaline-pumping activity, it can be used to educate attendees about the aviation industry, promoting a deeper understanding of a subject matter relevant to the event.
  • Tools Used: VR, Touchscreens
  • Description: Attendees can don VR headsets and virtually explore global cities. Touchscreens allow them to access additional information on landmarks and culture.
  • Impact: This installation can be a cultural touchpoint for international conferences, enabling attendees to "visit" different locations and become more global-minded.

Live Investment Simulator

  • Tool Used: Video Walls, Touchscreens
  • Description: Ideal for business or financial events, attendees can simulate investment strategies in real-time with data displayed on large video walls. They can modify variables via touchscreens.
  • Impact: It encourages attendees to engage in critical thinking and risk assessment, adding an educational and competitive element to the event.

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