Taking event experiences beyond traditional confines, our traveling exhibits offer adaptable and captivating displays for diverse event settings.

traveling exhibits in events and conferences

INFINIA's Traveling Exhibits offer scalable and transportable solutions that can be brought to multiple event locations. These portable experiences can be customized to meet the specific objectives of each event, ensuring that brand messaging and attendee engagement are consistently high.

Benefits for Events and Conferences: "If you aim to replicate your event experience across multiple locations, INFINIA's traveling exhibits offer Events and Conferences a consistent, high-quality attendee experience wherever you go."

Portable VR Museum

  • Tools Used: VR, Object Recognition Technology
  • Description: A series of VR headsets and interactive kiosks can transport attendees to a virtual museum, complete with guided tours and interactive exhibits.
  • Impact: This provides cultural enrichment and educational content in a format that can easily be transported to different event locations.

Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Miniature Smart City

  • Tool Used: AR, Touchscreens
  • Description: A scalable scavenger hunt experience that utilizes AR technology. Attendees use touchscreens to initiate the game and AR to find and interact with objects.
  • Impact: It offers an interactive and fun way for attendees to engage with the event space and each other, making it ideal for large venues or multi-day events.
  • Tools Used: LEDs, Video Mapping
  • Description: A tabletop model of a smart city comes to life with LEDs and video mapping, illustrating the future of urban living.
  • Impact: It serves as an educational tool to present complex ideas like sustainability and urban planning in an accessible way.

Interactive Timeline Wall

  • Tool Used: Video Walls, Touchscreens
  • Description: A traveling exhibit that features a large video wall displaying a timeline related to the event's theme. Attendees can use touchscreens to delve deeper into specific moments in time.
  • Impact: This portable setup allows for historical or thematic storytelling, educating attendees while maintaining high levels of engagement.

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