Melding artistry with technology, our digital art installations showcase cultural narratives through captivating visuals and innovative storytelling.


Digital Art Installations at INFINIA serve as both aesthetic and educational landmarks within the museum or cultural institution. Employing advanced video mapping, LED technology, and interactive touchscreens, we create installations that not only beautify the space but also serve as interactive knowledge hubs.

Benefits for Museum and Cultural Institutions: "INFINIA addresses Museums and Cultural Institutions' need to modernize their spaces with digital art installations that attract a younger, tech-savvy demographic."

The LED Waterfall

  • Tool Used: LED
  • A waterfall made entirely of LED lights that respond to visitor movements, creating unique patterns while detailing facts about natural water cycles.
  • Impact: It combines artistic beauty with educational value about environmental science.

Living Mural

Interactive Sculpture Garden

  • Tool Used: Video Mapping
  • A mural that dynamically changes to reflect different art movements as visitors walk by, thanks to video mapping technology.
  • Impact: It offers an evolving visual timeline of art history, keeping visitors engaged and educated.
  • Tool Used: Object Recognition Technology
  • Sculptures that interact with visitors. As visitors approach, object recognition triggers an audio-visual history of the sculpture and its artist.
  • Impact: It enhances the understanding of sculpture as an art form and its historical context.

The Storytelling Bench

The Harmony Wall

  • Tool Used: Touchscreens
  • Benches equipped with touchscreens that allow visitors to dive into different folklore stories from around the world.
  • Impact: It serves as a comfortable resting spot and an interactive educational tool for understanding global cultures.
  • Tool Used: Kinect Technology
  • A wall where visitors can create music and visual art through their body movements, captured by Kinect technology.
  • Impact: It allows visitors to understand the symbiosis between different art forms while creating their own art.

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