Transforming cultural exploration, our immersive rooms offer visitors an experiential journey through time and space, bringing history and culture to life in captivating ways.


Electromechanical exhibitions at INFINIA engage visitors in tactile experiences. By merging mechanical elements with cutting-edge technology like LEDs and video mapping, we allow for hands-on interaction that brings scientific principles, historical artifacts, and cultural traditions to life.

Benefits for Museum and Cultural Institutions: "Answering the call for hands-on learning in Museum and Cultural Institutions, INFINIA's electromechanic exhibitions allow visitors to physically interact with exhibits, increasing engagement and educational uptake."

Water Cycle World

  • Tools Used: LED, mechanical elements
  • A mechanical model demonstrating the water cycle, using LEDs to signify different stages—evaporation, condensation, precipitation.
  • Impact: This exhibit aims to educate visitors about a crucial natural process in an engaging way.

Steam Engine Extravaganza

Interactive Loom

  • Tools Used: LED and mechanical models
  • A large-scale, working model of a steam engine that visitors can operate. LEDs light up to show the flow of steam, operation of pistons, and turning of wheels.
  • Impact: It educates on the Industrial Revolution and principles of mechanical engineering.
  • Tools Used: Electromechanical systems
  • A fully operational loom that visitors can use. It incorporates modern technology to demonstrate complex weaving techniques from different cultures.
  • Impact: The tactile experience offers insights into the intricacies of textile arts and cultural differences.

Dinosaur Dig

Musical Physics

  • Tools Used: Mechanical dig site with object recognition
  • A faux archaeological dig with bones buried in sand. As visitors unearth them, object recognition identifies the bones and displays information.
  • Impact: This offers a realistic sense of the work that goes into paleontology and the excitement of discovery.
  • Tools Used: Electromechanical systems, LEDs
  • Visitors can create their own music using a series of tubes, strings, and drums while LEDs light up to show the flow of sound waves.
  • Impact: This helps in understanding the physics of sound in a practical, engaging manner.

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