Providing immersive experiences that allow visitors to step into historical scenarios, offering a hands-on and educational journey through time.


Simulators at INFINIA provide realistic, interactive experiences that help deepen visitors' understanding of various subjects. Using cutting-edge VR and AR technology, these simulators offer lifelike scenarios ranging from scientific phenomena to historical events.

Benefits for Museum and Cultural Institutions: "Satisfying the demand for experiential learning, INFINIA's simulators provide a virtual but realistic setting where visitors can engage with history, art, or science."

Historical Battle Simulator

  • Tool Used: Augmented Reality
  • Visitors can take part in a simulated historical battle, making strategic decisions and experiencing the outcomes in real-time.
  • Impact: It offers an interactive method to understand historical events and their complexities.

Flight through the Cosmos

Titanic Experience

  • Tool Used: Virtual Reality
  • A space simulator that takes visitors on a guided tour through the universe, exploring planets, stars, and galaxies.
  • Impact: It fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity about astronomy and space exploration.
  • Tool Used: Augmented Reality
  • An AR experience that recreates the events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic, complete with interactive choices that educate visitors on the disaster's intricacies.
  • Impact: This experience aims to provide an emotional and educational understanding of the historical event.

Rainforest Exploration

Human Anatomy Explorer

  • Tool Used: Mixed Reality
  • Walk through a simulated rainforest, complete with temperature changes, sounds, and MR overlays of animals and plants.
  • Impact: It educates visitors about biodiversity and the importance of rainforest conservation.
  • Tool Used: Virtual Reality
  • A VR experience where visitors can explore a detailed model of the human body, learning about various systems and organs.
  • Impact: It serves as an invaluable educational tool for biology and human anatomy.

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