Taking cultural exploration beyond museum walls, our traveling exhibits bring cultural experiences to diverse locations, engaging audiences worldwide.


In the Traveling Exhibits at INFINIA are portable installations that bring the museum experience to communities far and wide. These exhibits use touchscreens, video walls, and augmented reality to offer an interactive, mobile museum experience.

Benefits for Museum and Cultural Institutions: "For Museums and Cultural Institutions looking to expand their influence and reach, INFINIA's traveling exhibits are a turn-key solution that brings curated experiences to a broader audience."

World of Dinosaurs

  • Tool Used: Video Walls and Touchscreens
  • A mobile exhibit featuring high-definition video walls that showcase different prehistoric eras, along with touchscreen-based interactive quizzes.
  • Impact: It democratizes access to paleontological knowledge.

Innovators of the Past

Miniature Art Gallery

  • Tool Used: Augmented Reality
  • An exhibit that uses AR to bring historical inventors and their creations to life.
  • Impact: It offers an interactive learning experience about history and innovation.
  • Tool Used: Touchscreens
  • High-resolution touchscreens display digital replicas of famous artworks, allowing for zooming and interaction.
  • Impact: It exposes remote communities to world-class art.

Cultural Fest

History in a Box

  • Tools Used: Video Walls and Touchscreens
  • A mobile cultural exhibit that features interactive video walls displaying dance, music, and stories from around the world.
  • Impact: It fosters multicultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Tool Used: Augmented Reality and Touchscreens
  • This portable exhibit employs AR to allow visitors to "unpack" a box filled with historical events, exploring them through interactive timelines and stories.
  • Impact: It offers an engaging way to learn history, perfect for educational settings like schools and libraries.

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