Enhancing brand storytelling through digital art installations that capture attention and create an immersive brand narrative within retail spaces.

digital art installations in retail and experimental marketing

Digital art installations serve as focal points that captivate customers and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the retail space. By leveraging video mapping, AR, and MR, these installations seamlessly integrate brand messages into artistic expressions.

Benefits for Retail and Experiential Marketing: "INFINIA's digital art installations provide a creative way for Retail and Experiential Marketing to drive foot traffic, by turning storefronts and showrooms into must-visit, shareable destinations."

Seasonal trends dısplay

  • Tools Used: AR, MR
  • An interactive display that changes with the seasons, narrating trends related to the brand's seasonal collections.
  • Impact: Keeps the retail space fresh and engaging, encouraging repeat visits.

Digital Waterfall

Interactive Wall mural

  • Tool Used: Video Mapping
  • A digital waterfall that displays brand messages or special offers as it flows.
  • Impact: Creates a mesmerizing visual element that also serves as an advertising medium.
  • Tool Used: AR
  • A wall mural that comes to life through an AR app, telling the brand's story or showcasing product features.
  • Impact: Turns the brand narrative into an interactive experience, engaging customers in a unique way.

Fashion Kaleidoscope

Floating Holograms

  • Tool Used: Video Mapping
  • A rotating kaleidoscope display featuring the latest fashion trends and how they align with the store's products.
  • Impact: Provides entertainment and educates customers on fashion choices.
  • Tool Used: MR
  • Holograms of products or brand ambassadors float around the store, providing information or entertainment.
  • Impact: Adds a futuristic element to the retail experience, captivating customer attention.

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