Transforming retail spaces with interactive exhibits that captivate customers, encouraging engagement and interaction with products and brand narratives.

INTERACTIVE EXHIBITIONS IN retail and experimental marketing

Interactive exhibitions within retail environments serve as powerful tools for engaging customers and enhancing brand loyalty. Leveraging touchscreens, object recognition technology, and video walls, we transform retail spaces into interactive landscapes that narrate brand stories.

Benefits for Retail and Experiential Marketing: "For Retail and Experiential Marketing venues that seek to increase customer engagement, INFINIA's interactive exhibitions transform the shopping journey into an interactive discovery, increasing dwell time and boosting sales."

Interactive Catalog

  • Tools Used: Touchscreens
  • Shoppers can explore an interactive digital catalog, where they can get detailed information and view product demos.
  • Impact: Facilitates a seamless shopping experience and educates the customer about the products.

DISPLAYING Fashion Trends

Virtual Dressing Room

  • Tool Used: Video Walls
  • A live video wall displays trending fashion looks and how the store's products fit into those trends.
  • Impact: Engages the fashion-conscious customer and aids in product discovery.
  • Tools Used: Kinect Technology
  • Allows shoppers to virtually try on outfits and accessories using gesture recognition.
  • Impact: Provides a fast, convenient alternative to traditional dressing rooms and minimizes returns.

Brand History Timeline

Flavor Explorer

  • Tool Used: Object Recognition Technology
  • An interactive timeline that activates when a branded object is placed on it, narrating the brand's history and milestones.
  • Impact: Strengthens brand loyalty and educates customers about the brand's legacy.
  • Tools Used: Touchscreens
  • For food brands, an interactive kiosk lets customers explore flavor profiles and recipe suggestions.
  • Impact: Enhances the shopping experience and drives sales through product recommendations.

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