Offering experiential simulations within retail settings, allowing customers to engage with products and services in a hands-on and interactive manner.

SIMULATORS IN retail and experimental marketing

Simulators offer real-world experiences that allow customers to interact with products in a controlled, immersive setting. They bridge the gap between the physical and virtual, providing a tangible connection to the brand.

Benefits for Retail and Experiential Marketing: "Addressing the retail sector's need for product try-before-you-buy experiences, INFINIA's simulators allow customers to experience products in realistic scenarios, increasing buyer confidence."

Driving Experience

  • Tools Used: Simulation Technology
  • For automotive brands, a realistic driving simulator where customers can experience different car models.
  • Impact: Provides an authentic product trial experience and boosts customer confidence in purchasing.

Outdoor Adventure Simulator

Cooking Simulator

  • Tools Used: Simulation Technology, VR
  • For outdoor brands, a simulator that mimics outdoor conditions like wind, rain, and terrain.
  • Impact: Provides a realistic product testing environment, enhancing customer trust.
  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Simulation Technology
  • For kitchen appliance brands, a cooking simulator that allows customers to virtually cook recipes.
  • Impact: Educates customers on product usability and features.

Makeup Try-On Simulator

Fitness Challenge Simulator

  • Tool Used: AR
  • A mirror where customers can virtually try on makeup products.
  • Impact: Facilitates a seamless trial experience, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
  • Tools Used: VR, Simulation Technology
  • For fitness brands, a simulator that mimics different workout scenarios and tracks performance.
  • Impact: Engages fitness enthusiasts and provides a data-driven shopping experience.

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