Taking branded experiences beyond traditional retail spaces, our traveling exhibits offer versatile and engaging showcases adaptable to diverse marketing settings.

traveling exhibits in retail and experimental marketing

Traveling exhibits take the brand experience beyond the retail store, offering a touchpoint that engages potential customers in various locations. These exhibits are portable and feature interactive tools like VR, touchscreens, and video walls to narrate the brand story.

Benefits for Retail and Experiential Marketing: "For retail chains and brands looking to take their experiential marketing on the road, INFINIA's traveling exhibits offer a turnkey solution that can be adapted to various locations, expanding reach and impact."

Interactive Cooking Demos

  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Video Walls
  • A traveling cooking demo station that allows users to interactively choose recipes and watch chefs prepare them.
  • Impact: Provides hands-on experience and drives product sales.

Pop-Up Fashion Show

Virtual Travel Booth

  • Tools Used: Video Walls, LEDs
  • A traveling fashion show with real-time video walls displaying audience reactions and trending products.
  • Impact: Extends brand reach and captures real-time customer engagement data.
  • Tool Used: VR
  • For travel brands, a booth where visitors can experience virtual vacations.
  • Impact: Engages potential customers and generates interest in travel packages.

Fitness Challenge Booth

Tech Discovery Zone

  • Tools Used: VR, Kinect Technology
  • A portable fitness challenge setup where participants can try out fitness equipment and track their performance.
  • Impact: Engages fitness enthusiasts in a competitive setting, fostering brand loyalty.
  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, AR
  • A traveling exhibit featuring the brand's latest technological innovations through interactive displays.
  • Impact: Educates the public on technological advancements and positions the brand as an industry leader.

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