Enhancing cosmic narratives through digital art installations that visualize cosmic phenomena and futuristic space exploration.

Digital Art Installations IN SPACE

INFINIA's digital art installations blend artistic expression with scientific accuracy to create captivating visual journeys that enhance the public's understanding of and connection with space.

Benefits for Space: "Elevate the inspiration quotient with INFINIA's digital art installations for the Space sector, turning cosmic wonders into captivating art pieces that speak to the awe-inspiring majesty of the universe."

Galactic Mural

  • Tools Used: Video Mapping, LEDs
  • Description: A massive wall mural that comes to life through video mapping and LEDs, depicting the galaxy's movement.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Blends art and science to offer a captivating visual of our galaxy.

Virtual Aurora Borealis

Celestial Music Score

  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Sound Effects
  • Description: A room covered in video walls that simulate the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Highlights the beauty of space-related phenomena on Earth.
  • Tools Used: Sound Sensors, Visual Display
  • Description: An art piece that turns celestial data into a musical score, played back through interactive sound sensors.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Transforms raw astronomical data into an artistic and aural experience.

3D Cosmic Web

Stellar Lifecycle Animation

  • Tool Used: LEDs, Data Visualization
  • Description: A 3D model representing the cosmic web of galaxies, lit up by LEDs and driven by real data.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers a visual understanding of the universe's large-scale structure.
  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Object Recognition
  • Description: An animated lifecycle of a star, triggered by users placing objects at different stages.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Educates about the lifecycle of stars in an interactive and artistic way.

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