Integrating technology into space showcases, offering interactive displays that highlight spacecraft design, technology, and future missions.

Electromechanic exhibitions IN space

Electromechanical exhibitions by INFINIA blend mechanical models with interactive technology, enabling visitors to physically engage with exhibits to understand complex space phenomena and technologies.

Benefits for Space: "With INFINIA's electromechanic exhibitions, Space organizations can offer a hands-on approach to understanding spacecraft engineering, celestial navigation, and even simulated zero-gravity environments."

Scale Model of the Solar System

  • Tools Used: Electromechanical Models, LEDs
  • Description: A to-scale model of the solar system where the rotation and orbits of celestial bodies can be manually adjusted.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers a tangible understanding of the scale and mechanics of our solar system.

Rocket Launch Simulation

Space Elevator Model

  • Tools Used: Electromechanical Models, Sound Effects
  • Description: A model of a rocket launch pad where users can "launch" a rocket and experience the stages of a launch.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Gives an interactive understanding of the physics and mechanics of a rocket launch.
  • Tools Used: Electromechanical Models, Touchscreens
  • Description: A model of a future space elevator, complete with interactive screens explaining the engineering challenges and solutions.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Engages the public in future technologies that could revolutionize space travel.

Astronomical Phenomena Mechanisms

Orbital Mechanics Playground

  • Tool Used: Electromechanical Models, Video Displays
  • Description: Mechanisms that simulate phenomena like eclipses or the rotation of galaxies, complete with interactive video explanations.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Explains astronomical phenomena in an interactive and understandable way.
  • Tools Used: Electromechanical Models, LEDs
  • Description: Allows users to manipulate models of planets and other celestial bodies to understand the basics of orbital mechanics.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers hands-on learning of a key concept in astronomy and space exploration.

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