Transforming space discovery with immersive rooms that offer a simulated journey through cosmic wonders, allowing individuals to experience space environments.


Immersive rooms designed by INFINIA in the realm of space offer a multi-sensory approach to learning about the universe, employing high-quality visuals, soundscapes, and interactive features to create an unforgettable experience.

Benefits for Space: "INFINIA's immersive rooms provide Space enthusiasts and educational centers a chance to virtually step onto other planets, or into the cockpit of a spacecraft, offering an out-of-this-world educational experience."

Astronaut Experience Room

  • Tools Used: Virtual Reality, Haptic Feedback
  • Description: A room where users can experience the sensations of being an astronaut through VR and haptic suits.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Provides an authentic-feeling experience of what it's like to be an astronaut, inspiring future generations.


Cosmic Symphony

  • Tools Used: Video Mapping, Surround Sound
  • Description: A next-generation planetarium experience with interactive features, where audience members can select which celestial bodies to learn about.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Takes planetariums to the next level, offering an interactive educational experience.
  • Tools Used: Surround Sound, Visual Effects
  • Description: A room where the sounds and sights of space, from pulsars to auroras, are brought to life.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Allows visitors to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the universe, enhancing their emotional connection to space.

Celestial Navigation Room

Exoplanet Explorer

  • Tool Used: Touchscreens, Augmented Reality
  • Description: Teaches the basics of celestial navigation, both historical and modern, through interactive screens and AR tools.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Provides practical knowledge, showing the importance of celestial bodies in navigation through history.
  • Tools Used: Mixed Reality, Data Visualization
  • Description: Allows users to virtually travel to exoplanets and explore their characteristics via MR technology.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers a glimpse into the frontier of exoplanet research, one of the hottest areas in modern astronomy.

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