Elevating space exploration with interactive exhibits that engage enthusiasts, offering immersive and educational experiences about celestial bodies and missions.


INFINIA’s interactive exhibitions in the field of space exploration offer engaging platforms that delve into the mysteries of the cosmos. They are designed to make the abstract world of celestial objects and astronomical phenomena relatable and fascinating to the public.

Benefits for Space: "For institutions in the Space sector looking to ignite cosmic curiosity, INFINIA's interactive exhibitions offer a deep dive into celestial bodies, space missions, and astronomical phenomena, turning abstract concepts into tangible experiences."

Virtual Star Mapping

  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Augmented Reality
  • Description: Multi-touch screens that allow users to navigate a virtual sky, identify stars, planets, and constellations.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Increases public awareness about celestial bodies and their significance.

Cosmic Phenomena Showcase

Humanity's Footprint in Space

  • Tools Used: Video Walls, Object Recognition
  • Description: Displays that activate detailed explanations and immersive videos about cosmic phenomena like black holes, supernovas, and nebulae when objects are placed in front of them.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Makes complex cosmic phenomena accessible and understandable.
  • Tools Used: Kinect Technology, Video Mapping
  • Description: A map of all human-made objects currently in space, including satellites and space debris. Users can interact using gestures.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Raises awareness of the environmental impact of space exploration.

Life in Space

Satellite Operations Control

  • Tool Used: Augmented Reality, Mobile Devices
  • Description: AR-enabled exhibits that provide an interactive view of life aboard the International Space Station.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers a glimpse into the daily life of astronauts, demystifying it for the public.
  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Real-time Data Feeds
  • Description: An interactive screen that simulates the control room of a satellite operation, offering real-time data.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Educates the public about the complexity and importance of satellite operations.

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