Providing realistic space mission simulations, allowing enthusiasts to experience astronaut training and spacecraft operations.


Simulators by INFINIA offer hands-on, real-world experiences that allow users to step into the shoes of astronauts or mission controllers, offering an in-depth understanding of the complexities and thrills of space exploration.

Benefits for Space: "Simulate space missions, rocket launches, or orbital mechanics with INFINIA's highly realistic simulators, making the Space sector more accessible and comprehensible to all."

Spacewalk Training

  • Tools Used: Virtual Reality, Treadmill
  • Description: Uses VR and a treadmill to simulate the feeling of doing a spacewalk.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Provides a realistic training-like experience for aspiring astronauts.

Lunar Lander Simulator

Asteroid Deflection Mission

  • Tools Used: Virtual Reality, Haptic Feedback
  • Description: A simulator where users can experience landing on the moon, complete with haptic feedback for a realistic touch.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers an immersive experience of a key moment in human space exploration.
  • Tools Used: Multiple Screens, Real-time Data
  • Description: Simulates a mission to deflect an asteroid heading towards Earth, requiring real-time decision-making.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Educates the public on space defense initiatives.

Orbital Docking Simulator

Mars Rover Control

  • Tool Used: Virtual Reality, Joystick Controls
  • Description: Allows users to simulate docking a spacecraft with the ISS or another satellite.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Offers hands-on experience of a complex but crucial space maneuver.
  • Tools Used: Touchscreens, Real-time Data
  • Description: A simulator where users can control a virtual Mars Rover, exploring the Martian landscape and conducting experiments.
  • Relation to Space Sector: Provides a hands-on experience of unmanned space exploration.

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